To Swim or Not to Swim....

Everyone will tell you you shouldn't wear your jewelry in the water and as a Jeweler I'd have to agree... but... let's be real, if you wear it to the beach, it's going in! As a beach bum, surfer, boater, and someone who is just too spontaneous to be bothered taking off jewelry before hitting the water...I get it. So, I've put my pieces to the test, and will give you the details on which are "water friendly" and which are better off worn out on the town. 

These pieces seem to love the water as much as we do. Remember, salt does corrode and can promote tarnishing over time, so rinse with fresh water, dry with a soft cloth, and store individually in an air tight bag.


The materials just don't seem hold up over time when worn in the water. If you want these pieces to last then they are better off worn out on the town. For best care after wear, wipe any metals with a soft dry cloth and store individually in air tight bags.

Artisan Hammered Gold Bar Necklace 

 Leather & Gold Bangles - the leather can stretch and wear quickly when worn in the water. 

Marbella Wave Necklace - Obviously we need this one to be surf friendly. This one is a favorite of ours! Gold filled does seem to do better than sterling silver though.

Bay Bracelet - the cotton cording is soft and can wear quickly when worn in the water.

 Bay Scallop Stud Earrings - Made for the sea, baby!

Shima Pearl Bracelet
ditto...the cotton cording is soft and can wear quickly when worn in the water.
Blue Point Pearl earrings & Petite Blue Point Pearl earrings - just remember to wear rubber backs on these cuties. It will help prevent them from falling out.  Cardiff Handwoven Bracelet - It's like their cotton tassels just got their hair done. They don't want to waste all that hard work.
Conch Shell Sea Hoops - Sure you could, but in wave action you might get slapped in the face by your sea hoops Hammered Gold Coin Necklace & the Nantucket Hammered Gold Coin Necklace - The coin loses its luster and tarnishes quickly. She's a stunning necklace but not water friendly.
Daisy Macrame Bracelets - Absolutely water friendly!
Flora Beaded Bracelet - This bracelet was made for the water. Go for it! 
Nantucket Beaded Bracelet - ditto! This bracelet was made for the water. Take a dip!
Of the Sea Abalone Necklace - YASSS! This one pairs well with mermaids, it had to be water friendly! Just be sure to double loop the lariat for a secure hold. 
Petite Sea Hoops - Sure, why not! Just make sure you have rubber backs on to secure them from falling out.
Sea Orchid Anklet/Bracelet - Absolutely water friendly!
Shoot the Moon necklace - Yes! Just be sure to double loop the lariat for a secure hold.
Together Bracelet - Sure! 
White Dove Necklace - Yupp! Loves the water too. Who doesn't!?
Lucky One Brass Bangles - We think the tarnish over time actually looks great. We'll leave this one up to you ;)
Davis Double Wrap Bracelet - No problem. The coloring does seem to change to a brighter white over time though. Still beautiful, perhaps even better!


 ** This post does not include the effects of swimming in a chlorinated pool or the damage caused by skin lotions or sweat. FOR BEST CARE AFTER WEAR, rinse with freshwater (if worn in salt or chlorinated water), polish & dry with a soft cloth and store each piece individually in small, air tight bags. 


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    Thanks for the info! Love my beautiful WWG jewelry and want to keep it beautiful!

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