Water Friendly Jewelry

A collection of our favorite pieces we enjoy wearing in and out of the water. These materials are rated to better withstand salt air and water. As always, for best care after wear, clean and dry jewelry with a soft cloth and store it in individual airtight bags. 

Be sure to double thread lariat necklaces, and wear secure postbacks on all earrings.

Everyone will tell you you shouldn't wear your jewelry in the water and as a Jeweler, I'd have to agree... but... let's be real, if you wear it to the beach, it's going in! As a beach bum, surfer, boater, and someone who is just too spontaneous to be bothered taking off jewelry before hitting the water...I get it. So, I've put my pieces to the test, and will give you the details on which are "water-friendly" and which are better off worn while out on the town. Read our "To Swim or Not to Swim" article here.